Sublime Text 3.2 Full Version


Sublime Text 3.2 Full VersionBagi anda yang suka dengan Bahasa Pemrograman, anda perlu sekali dengan software yang satu ini, yaitu Sublime Text 3.2 Full Version. Dimana software ini untuk mengubah script yang ingin anda develop. Software ini mirip dengan Notepad++, akan tetapi software ini lebih flexible dan lebih mudah untuk digunakan.

Sublime Text 3.2 merupakan versi terbaru yang di keluarkan saat ini. Sublime Text dapat mengedit file berupa PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS dan masih banyak yang lain.

Apa itu Sublime Text?
Sublime Text merupakan software file editor yang digunakan untuk pengembang (developer) untuk membuat Aplikasi, Software maupun pemgrograman yang lain.

Sublime Text 3.2 Full Version

Screenshot :

Sublime Text 3.2 Full Version

Sublime Text 3.2 Full Version

Changelog :

    – Files and folders in the sidebar will now display badges to indicate Git status
    – Ignored files and folders are visually de-emphasized
    – And Much More…
    – All changes to a document are now represented by dedicated markers in the gutter
    – Diff markers show added, modified and deleted lines
    – And Much More…
  • And Much More…

Main Features :

  • EDITOR CONTROL. Added block_caret setting. Improve positioning and sizing of gutter icons in some situations. Fixed draw_minimap_border setting not working.
  • THEMES/UI. Enhanced the .sublime-theme. Improved performance with large numbers of rules in a .sublime-theme.
  • TEXT RENDERING. Support for Unicode 11.0. Improved rendering of combining characters. Fixed a caret positioning bug when non-trivial graphemes are present
  • COLOR SCHEMES. Added block_caret key to use in conjunction with block carets. caret values now respect alpha as expected, rather than pre-blending against the background color. Added the foreground_adjust property to rules with a background. Accepts CSS color mod adjusters to manipulate the saturation, lightness or opacity of the foreground color.

Download :

  • Sublime Text 3.2 Full Version

Download Link : [ZippyShare] | Size : 20 MB

  • Password : | Tested on : Windows 10 Pro

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