WinRAR v5.71 Final Full Version


WinRAR v5.71 Final Full VersionSoftware ini memiliki fungsi untuk melakukan kompress dan ekstak file yang akan anda upload atau download dari Internet. Fungsi archive/kompress ini juga berguna agar file-file yang ada di dalam milik anda terlindungi dari serangan virus. WinRAR v5.71 Final Full Version ini juga mendukung beragam format archive, seperti .ZIP, .RAR, dan format lainnya.

Apa itu Winrar ?
WinRAR adalah manajer arsip yang kuat. Ini dapat mencadangkan data Anda dan mengurangi ukuran lampiran email, mendekompresi RAR, ZIP dan file lain yang diunduh dari Internet dan membuat arsip baru dalam format file RAR dan ZIP.

WinRAR v5.71 Final Full Version

Screenshot :

WinRAR v5.71 Final Full Version

WinRAR v5.71 Final Full Version

Whats New :

  1. “Convert archives” command:
    – improved performance when processing a lot of small archives in Windows 10;- fixed memory leaks which could lead to excessive memory use when converting to ZIP format.
  2. Corrupt ZIP archive processing: – “Repair” command replaces packed and unpacked file sizes stored in local file header with sizes from central directory if local header sizes look invalid;- file extraction is stopped at unpacked size stored in ZIP headers even if available packed data allows further extraction. It is done to prevent unexpected hard drive space usage.
  3. Ctrl+C allows to abort RAR “l” command quickly. In previous versions it could take several seconds until list command stopped.
  4. Bugs fixed: a. WinRAR could crash when attempting to display some types of archive comments in GUI shell, resulting in a denial of service;
    b.  if “Save archive name” and “Add to context menu” options were set in compression profile parameters and profile was invoked from Explorer context menu, WinRAR proposed an automatically generated archive name instead of name saved in profile.
    c. WinRAR displayed an unneeded pair of round brackets in “Archive” column of “Diagnostic messages” window for system error messages;
    d. And Much More…

Download :

  • WinRAR v5.71 Final Full Version

Download Link : [Mediafire] [Zippyshare] | Size : 4 MB

  • Password : | Tested on : Windows 10 Professional

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