CentOS Linux 8 ISO


CentOS Linux 8 ISOTidak hanya produk Microsoft yang memiliki sistem operasi untuk kebutuhan Server. Tetapi Linux juga memiliki sistem operasi yang digunakan untuk kebutuhan server yaitu CentOS Linux. Disamping gratis alias tidak berbayar (freeware), sistem operasi ini juga lebih ringan.

CentOS merupakan sistem operasi besutan Linux. Sistem Operasi ini juga tidak kalah lengkap fiturnya dengan sistem operasi besutan Microsoft.

Apa itu CentOS Linux?

CentOS (Community ENTerprise Operating System) Linux adalah sebuah distribusi linux sebagai bentuk dari usaha untuk menyediakan platform komputasi berkelas enterprise yang memiliki kompatibilitas kode biner sepenuhnya dengan kode sumber yang menjadi induknya yaitu Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

CentOS Linux 8 ISO

Screenshot :

CentOS Linux 8 ISO

CentOS Linux 8 ISO

Features :

  • Extended Device Support. GNOME is now integrated with Thunderbolt 3 connection support. Whenever Thunderbolt 3 establishes a connection and becomes active, you will get notified. This feature allows you to monitor all connections closely and detect any security breaches or attempts at data breach or theft.
  • New Boxes Feature. There are a couple of new features included in GNOME’s application for managing remote and virtual machines. The updated version simplifies the process of creating virtual environments with its automatic downloading of operating systems. Also, its drag-and-drop feature lets you easily transfer files between machines.
  • New On-Screen Keyboard. The GNOME team rewrote the on-screen keyboard for the newest release in an attempt to resolve the pressing UI issues. Now, the feature has a variety of layouts supported for different locales, automatic keyboard activation, and view-shift, so the user has a clear view of the text when writing.
  • Upgraded UI. The new desktop environment also has several additional features added to improve UI, as well as UX. This includes multi-monitor handling, direct window handling, improved scaling, to list a few.

Download :

  • CentOS Linux 8 ISO

Download Link : [Official Link] [Repository UGM] | Size : 7 GB

  • Password : | Tested on : VMWare Workstation

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